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Everything you need to know about our virtual solutions
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Which virtual office plan is best for you?

A business mailing address, mail management, and phone answering come as standard. Compare different plans to ensure your virtual office meets the needs of your business.

Premium Business Mailbox

Starting from $29

A Professional business address, Mails & Packages Management and daily support from your dedicated concierge.


  • Unlimited Mails & Packages
  • Scan/Forward Internationally
  • Real Business Address
  • Eligible for LLC, Corp and banks
  • Free Registered Agent
  • Live Email Notifications

Virtual Office

Starting from $49

Take your business to a virtual level with a legitimate business identity: A Business address, Mailbox, Management, a Phone number (local or toll-free) and Live Receptionists answering.


  • Everything included in the Premium Mailbox
  • Phone Number (Local or Toll-Free)
  • Personalized Voicemail
  • Customer Greetings under your name
  • Forward Calls, Take messages
  • Live Email Notifications

Virtual Office + Access

Starting from $59

A fully loaded Virtual Office with Monthly Access to a Premium Office Space to meet with clients and partners.

Perfect For:

  • Everything included in Virtual Office
  • Access to coworking desks
  • Access to meeting/conference rooms
  • High-Speed Internet & Unlimited Print
  • Lounge Access & Networking
  • StartHub App Access

Maintain a credible, professional, and legitimate business image

A Virtual Office gives you a physical business address and office number for your business cards, website, and email and registering a new company. It increases your professionalism and credibility as a business and makes you more approachable to potential clients.

Don’t miss on any calls, show a legitimate image.

Book offices and conference rooms to run important meetings

Get your own real street business address with a dedicated mailbox.

A local or Toll-Free business phone number and live answering

Check your mails from anywhere, at anytime.

Boost your professional image and increase your local SEO.

We Help Your Business Run More Professionally

Whether you’re starting out or scaling up, you’ll need a virtual office to help you stay connected beyond your physical capacity.
Real Business Address

A prime Miami address for an authentic connection with the magic city.

Inbound Number

Receive all of your calls in one place and route them according to priority.

Virtual Receptionist

Allow someone to hold the fort so you can focus on calls that increase productivity.

Office & Meeting Rooms

Need to stop in? Use a pass and gain full access to any of our office spaces.

Top-Notch Support

Have access to live support with minimum effort on your part.

Mail forwarding & handling

Receive your mail here at your business address have it forwarded to you at any address you prefer. You’ll receive notifications of its arrival with a choice to scan, deliver, or shred it.

Extended market reach

With your local downtown business address, you’ll have access to Miami’s prime markets and data on local demographics.

Publish to major online business directories

Services such as Google My Business and other search engines will recognize your address as a legit business and rank you accordingly.

Real Business Address

Receive mails & packages, register new companies and apply for business licenses thanks to a Real and Commercially eligible Business Address. View and manage your mail from anywhere and request a scan/shred/forward/photo.

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Have one or more local or toll-free number

Give your business a local, multi-city, and/or national presence with multiple number solutions.

Avoid calls from unknown numbers and scammers

Don’t waste time figuring out which numbers are legit or holding you back from productivity. Keep your personal device from your this headache with a more dedicated solution.

Professional voicemail

Having a professional number is half the battle. Use a professional voice to bring a sense of maturity to your business.

Inbound Number

1800 and local numbers can serve as a great business tool. Not only do they make your business look more professional to prospective customers, they offer great features and flexibility. All inbound numbers can be forwarded to your preference based on time and day, state or business department.

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Live call answering & forwarding

Don’t answer phone calls every time one comes in. Receive your calls upon your availability and maximize your time.

Visual messaging

Prioritize your calls and follow-ups within your online inbox. Your online dashboard gives you insightful notes for callbacks.

Call Stacking

Receive more than one call at once without missing out on an opportunity. Calls will be routed according to availability.

Virtual Receptionist

Handle customer’s call with professionalism, responsiveness and a memorable human touch thanks to our trained virtual receptionists. Don’t miss any opportunities coming to you. 75% of callers won’t leave a message if they can’t reach your business.

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Meet in person when necessary

Book a meeting online, via phone, or through the app and the room will be ready for you and your guests when you arrive.

Collaborate with less distractions

Drop in for a meeting with the team, clients, or virtual members in a private and more engaging environment.

Take a break from your ordinary environment

Sometimes you’ll need a change of scenery. We have plenty of creative spaces to choose from.

Office access plans

The location says it all. Be featured in Miami’s premiere business location and bring  the virtual experience to a physical level. Impress clients and guests in your own offices and receive a personalized experience each time.

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Get support just a click away

Support is located within the app for prompt feedback (within 24 hours). You can also reach us by phone call.

Fast Setup & Reliable Service

Onboarding goes by in no time. Once you’re up, you stay up.

Top-Notch Support

Our team of business concierge is devoted to supporting your growth. As you engage with us, our team becomes an extension of your business and we are fully dedicated to your request and concerns.

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Your Questions Answered

We created an optimized virtual office experience

1. What type of address will I receive?

With Starthub’s Virtual Office solutions, you will directly have access to a business address, right in the middle of downtown Miami. Miami is a growing hub for large corporations and many startup companies and ideal for a starting business. This address is a real physical address, so you can list it on Google My Business. You can stop by and visit us anytime!

2. How does the mailbox service work? What are the fees?

All of our plans include a mailbox service, which means that Starthub will accept and handle any mail or packages. This is all handled in our app, where you can view your mail.  Every time you receive a piece of mail, you will receive an email notification that you received something. When logging into the app, you will be able to see exactly what kind of mail you received (letter, package, magazine, etc.) and from who you received the item. You then have a couple of actions that you can take. You can request a scan, request an envelope picture, ask us to shred the item completely, or you can also request a forward. Any fees incurred for this will be added onto your monthly invoice. The fees for this are as followed:


Same Day Scanning: $1.00 / 2- Day Scanning: $0.50 / Letter Forwarding: $2.00 + postage / Package Forwarding: $12.00 + postage / International Letter Forwarding: $3.00 + postage / International Package Forwarding: $15.00 + postage / **Expedited Forward: Additional $10.00

3. Can I have someone answer the phone under my company’s name?

Absolutely, you can! With our Virtual Office and Virtual Office + Access plan, you receive the benefits of a live receptionist. This means that someone will answer all of your business calls during operating hours, from 8:30am-5:30 pm. You can specify how you would like the phone to be answered, or you can just ask us to greet your callers with your company name. After hours, we implement a personalized voicemail for you, that will include your company name.

4. What can I accomplish with a Virtual Office?

Having a Virtual Office gives you all the benefits of a real office, minus the commute and the cubicle. You can register your business, open a business banking account, and even optimize your SEO with your Virtual Office. Additionally, since this is a physical address, you can list your business on Google My Business, which is a sure way of catching more clients and driving up your business.

5. How can I get a free month at sign up?

You can enter your email into one of our pop-up windows and we will email you the sign-up link; this can also be found under the Virtual Office tab and clicking on “Get Your First Month Free.” Upon signing up, your first month will be free and you will be automatically billed after one month from sign-up. Please note that you have 21 days to notify us after sign-up if you are not satisfied with your virtual office at Starthub.

6. How many times can I access the office with a Virtual Office + Access plan?

A Virtual Office + Access plan gives you access to our premium downtown Miami co-working office. Depending on your plan, you get one visit per month, which you can accrue and use at any time. This includes access to our amenities and use of the conference room. Be sure to call us ahead of time if you would like to use the conference room so that we can reserve it for you! If you need additional day passes, feel free to give us a call and we can figure out a plan that works for you.


We’ll be happy to walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have along the way.

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